CarryX-II Medical Equipment Portable Dental X Ray with Lead Plate

Short Description:

•Carryx-II high frequency chairside dental X-ray machine, can ensure less radiation for patients and operators. And the dental imaging effect is outstanding.
•This portable dental X-ray machine adopts circuit components imported from Korea, which enables the machine to have excellent high-frequency closed-loop control. Even if the battery of the X-ray machine is low, it will not affect the imaging results.
•Carryx-II portable dental X-ray machine adopts Canon micro focusing tube, the focal length is 0.4mm, and the anode angle is 12.5°.
•Carryx-II portable dental X-ray machine has short exposure time, only about 0.4s. It is 5-8 times shorter than ordinary portable X-ray machines, so it has less radiation dose and can also avoid blurred images caused by hand shake.
• The Carryx-II dental X-ray machine can take 150 pictures of teeth on a single charge.

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, FEDEX
  • Shipping Time: 10-15 Days
  • Payment: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Paypal
  • Packing Size: 28x28x28cm
  • Packing Weight: 6kg
  • Product Detail

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    Tube Voltage 70KV
    Tube Current 2mA
    Exposure Time 0.04~2s
    Tube Focus 0.4mm(Canon Tube)
    Dose Rate 2mGy/s
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Nominal Electric Power 0.14KW(70KV, 2Ma, 0.1s)
    Charger Input Voltage 100V~240V
    X Ray Tube Model D-045
    Target Material Tungsten
    Power 30VA
    Ray Direction And Distribution Diameter of beam limiter exit direction 60mm
    Internal Power 10.8V
    Weight 1.7KG

    ★Wide digital display for easy operation.
    ★2mA tube current, combines higher performance, and high definition imaging.


    Carryx-II-铅板_01 - 副本


    Carryx-II-_02 - 副本

    Shooting X Ray & Equipment Operation

    a. Preparation: Insert the battery into the device.
    b. Turn On: Long Press the Power ON switch and the LCD display will glow, notifying with beep sound.
    c. Check: Check for the sufficient battery level.
    d. Mode Selection: Adult/ildren & then tooth selection.
    e. Exposure time: The system has a default time setting, users can also adjust the shooting time as needed.
    f. Imaging: Choose film or sensor imaging for the patient's teeth in the required area, press the exposure button, emit rays and have a notify sound.

    Product Composition

    Carryx-II-_04 - 副本
    1. Beam  limiter  2. Power  Switch 3. Hand  Exposure  device
    4. Display 5. Function  keys  button 6. Charge  port
    7. Battery  House 8. Exposer  button 9. Support  interface


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