Handy-500/600 Rvg Dental Digital X Ray Sensor

Short Description:

Multi-languages with 10 types.
•Operation system: desk top & laptop (Windows 2000, XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10)
•Twain driver: our RVG compatible with KODAK, SIRONA, SCHICK, etc.
•Power: USB 2.0 interface
•Excellent quality: our sensor material imported from Germany and Japan, best quality standards.
•New APS CMOS sensor with long life time (400,000 times).

  • Packing Size: 42x32x8cm
  • Packing Weight: 1.2kg
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    Advanced FPS with Csl:Ti technology:

    ●Higher sensitivity plus higher resolution
    ●Best image quality with lowest X-ray dose


    APS CMOS technology:

    ●18.5um pixel size
    ●5T pixel type
    ●Theoretical iesolution is 27lp/mm


    TWAIN driver:

    ●Compatible with all major soaftware such


    Dental digital x-ray imaging system is consisted of sensor, image controller, image capture system and connection cable (USB port), connected with PC or notebook via USB cable. The power of controller and sensor is supplied by USB port. no need battery. The whole equipment need to work together with x ray unit and computer/others Imaging software. 

    New Handydentist software:
    ●Easy to use
    ●Powerful image processing & preprocessing
    ●Net version for multi-user solution
    Easily connect to PACs system under
    DICOM 3.0 protocol

    Multi-user solution
    ●<HandyDentist> net version provides the Solution to
    multi-user and every user may share the information in
    ●Plug and play connector allows the sensor to be moved
    from room to room

    The Effect of image process:
    ●Powerful image processing algorithms make it
    much easier to read the image information


    HDR-sensor_01 - 副本 HDR-sensor_02 - 副本 HDR-sensor_03 - 副本 HDR-sensor_04 HDR-sensor_05

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