MaxCure9 1s Dental Curing Light

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MaxCure9 suppose to be used in hospital and dental clinic, should be used by dentist. This curing light is used for the principle of ray radiation to solidify the light-sensitive resin by shooting at it in a short time, it is used to restore teeth and solidify material for whitening teeth.

  • Packing Size: 23x15x7cm
  • Packing Weight: 0.6kg
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    01 Dual intensity mode

    ●P1 High intensity mode
    For orthodontic brackets, post and core and curing photosensitive adhesive in porcelain veneer. Used for quick curing, ensuring curing depth, more efficient.
    Constant intensity: 2300-2500mw/cm²
    Time setting: 1s, 3s
    ●P2 General intensity mode
    For normal resin; For most treatment scenarios like teeth filling, restoration etc.
    Constant intensity: 1000-1200mw/cm²
    Time setting: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s

    02 Broad-spectrum

    Most of the resins on the market use CQ as the photoinitiator, but some resins use two new types of photoinitiators, diphenylphosphorus oxide or lvocerin, and the new materials containing TPO have a light absorption peak of 405nm. If you use an ordinary narrow-spectrum light curing machine (wavelength range: 420nm-480nm), the resin is prone to incomplete curing. And we know that incomplete composite curing often leads to secondary pulpitis, apical inflammation, and tooth hypersensitivity.

    MaxCure9 1s Dental Curing Light (9)

    MaxCure 9 broad-spectrum light curing, newly added the 385-420nm band, the wavelength range is 385nm-515nm. It can better cure resin materials containing TPO and other emerging photoinitiators, and is suitable for ideal curing of all resin materials on the market.

    MaxCure9 1s Dental Curing Light (11)

    After a full upgrade, MaxCure 9 changes from a single blue light to a blue-violet light, which can truly cure all light curing materials.

    03 Super large battery capacity

    MaxCure9 1s Dental Curing Light (8)

    Lithium battery-International CB certification

    04 AI intelligence system

    MaxCure9 1s Dental Curing Light (10)

    Constant Current Driver

    Constant light intensity
    Constant light intensity output, stabilizing the working power

    MaxCure9 1s Dental Curing Light (3)

    Light Guide Automatic Detection

    The main unit will detect the light guide and stop the “Er” flashing if the guide is connected well, or the main unit will close down after 10s flashing.

    Well-installed during the period of the error alarm will stop the error alarm and the lamp will light up instantly when the lamp holder is installed.

    MaxCure9 1s Dental Curing Light (12)

    Overheating Protection
    Main unit will detect the temperature. The overheating protection program will run when the curing light reaches a certain temperature after long time use. It'll keep flashing until 200s later that it recovers from high-temperature.

    Battery Performance Detection
    When detect an inconstant power output from battery, the main unit will stop working to warn with flashing "Er”

    Overvoltage Protection

    With overvoltage adapter, MaxCure9 is under protection and can' t be charged. The original adapter is recommended.

    MaxCure9 1s Dental Curing Light (13)

    Technical Parameters

    Battery voltage and capacity 3.6V/2600mAh
    Power supply input 100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
    Power supply output 5VDC/1A
    Light intensity 1000mW/cm²-2500 mW/cm²
    Modes setting TURBO mode: Display P1, Light intensity 2300-2500mW/cm²

    NORMAL mode: Display P2, Illumination 1000-1200mW/cm²

    Time setting TURBO mode: 1s, 3s

    NORMAL mode: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s

    Lightly press the time button to choose the solidification time.

    Dimensions Φ26mm×255mm
    Net weight 144g
    Light source a) 5W high power blue LEDb)Wave length: 385nm-515nm
    Consumption power ≤5W
    Composed mainly Main unit, charger, light hood, LED lamp, battery and power adapter

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