MD533 Fashionable Floor Type Dental Chair Unit

Short Description:

★Synchronized chair design.
★Super-fine fiber synthetic leather cushion provides patients with a comfortable and safe feeling.
★Fashionable floor type unit box perfectly matched with the whole design & customized built-in or built-out floor box.
★Luxurious sensor-controlled operation light with autoclavable handle.
★The multi-functional foot control is with three functions: position setting, water supply and bowl rinsing.
★3 memory programs ensure different dentists to find the most comfortable working position by just pressing one button.

  • Packing Szie: 145x102x126cm
  • Packing Weight: 250kg
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Seamless PU cushion
    Synchronized chair design
    Chair interlock system
    Water-air-electricity with one on/off switch control
    Chair position memory (9sets)
    Spitting chair position
    Luxury multi-function foot pedal
    Luxury LED operation light
    Hanging hose tray
    Full function control panel with 13 buttons
    X-ray film viewer
    3-way syringe(cold)
    Adjustable strong suction
    Built-in type(without floor box)
    Rotary glass cuspidor
    Saliva ejector with high and low suction
    Automatic cuspidor flush & water supply with constant temperature
    Purified water supply system
    Multi-function control panel with 8 buttons
    3-way syringe (heat)
    Built-out type(with floor)

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