MD534 Microfiber Leather Top-mounted Tray Dental Chair Equipment

Short Description:

★4 colors available: Beige, Red, Blue, Coffee
★Super-fine fiber synthetic leather cushion provides patients with a comfortable and safe feeling.
★Fashionable floor type unit box perfectly matched with the whole design & customized built-in floor box.
★Luxurious sensor-controlled operation light with autoclavable handle.
★The multi-functional foot control is with three functions: position setting, water supply and bowl rinsing.
★3 memory programs ensure different dentists to find the most comfortable working position by just pressing one button.

  • Packing Size: 145x102x126cm
  • Packing Weight: 250kg
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    Handmade sewed ultra-fiber leather upholstery Synchronized chair design
    Chair interlock system Water-air-electricity with one on/off switch control
    Chair position memory (9sets) Spitting chair position
    Luxury multi-function foot pedal Luxury LED operation light
    Top-mounted tray Full function control panel with 16 buttons
    X-ray film viewer 3-way syringe(cold)
    Adjustable strong suction Built-in type(without floor box)
    Rotary glass cuspidor Saliva ejector with high and low suction
    Automatic cuspidor flush & water supply with constant temperature Purified water supply system
    Multi-function control panel with 8 buttons 3-way syringe (heat)


    The components of the unit are the dental chair, connection of the handpiece, operation light, operation tray, 3-way syringe, weak suction, strong suction, cuspidor, x-ray film viewer, foot pedal, water and air system. The air, water and electricity of units are connected from the floor box (including external floor box or built-in floor box design). The floor box consist of air reducing valve and water filter, which is for purifying the air, water and electricity for units. Air on/off for both high and low speed handpieces are controlled by foot controller. Water and air for each handpiece, strong and weak suction are controlled by corresponding valve. Side box with built out pure water bottle is convenient for users to use pure water and switch between purified water and tap water so that handpieces usage can be prolonged.


    Technical Data

    Power supply AC220V
    Frequency 50Hz
    Input power 800VA
    The dental chair's continuous loading time ≤2min
    The dental chair's loading continuance ≤60% (The dental chair's working hours/interval)
    Gargling water temperature 40+5°C
    Foot switch ZPX4
    Max. rev. of the high-speed turbine ≥300000r/min
    Max. output torque ≥ (Air pressure: 0.22Mpa)
    Max. rev. of the low-speed motor ≥20000r/min
    Max. output torque ≥ (Air pressure: 0.3Mpa)
    Input air pressure 0.55~0.6MPa
    Flux ≥50L/min
    Input water pressure 0.2~0.4MPa
    Max. loading of the instrument tray ≤30N


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