MD539 Strong Weak Suction Filter Dental Chair Unit

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New chassis frame:
★Adopts sheet metal structure, solid and simple overall, it will looks more luxurious than the zinc plating because of electrophoresis’s color and anti-rust technology. Adopts injection molding, it can be used for buckles, it’s convenient to disassemble and assemble in the future. But the blister case may have a little more traces of manual drilling.
★When the chassis is in trouble, you just need to unscrew the two screws below the box, open the chassis door, remove the column limit screw and rotate the box. There is a nylon washer at the rotating joint, so there is no click feeling when rotating. Mounting screws from bottom to top, it’s convenient to enter the narrow door when the customer installs, in case that it needs to be disassembled.

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Seamless PU cushion
Spitting chair position
Emergency chair position
Luxury multi-function foot pedal
Luxury LED operation light
Hanging hose tray
Full function control panel with 13 buttons
Built-in x-ray film viewer
3-way syringe(cold)
Rotary glass cuspidor
Saliva ejector with high and low suction
Automatic cuspidor flush & water supply with constant temperature
Purified water supply system
Multi-function control panel with 8 buttons
3-way syringe (heat)
Built-out type(with floor)

Strong and weak suction filter:
★It adopts form of a filter cup.
Old model: it’s located at the bottom of the cabinet, it is not in the visual range, it is difficult to clean.
New model: it’s in the visual range, easy to disassemble.
★Residues, saliva, and blood are present in the filter cup.
Old model: Disassembly of the filter cup will cause the above substances to splash out of the nurse's hand and clinic.
New model: it’s loaded with a slope, the filter will not cause pollution, there is a handle to catch.
★Old model: The effective filter area of the filter is small, and the suction force will be weak.
New model: The filter area is large and efficient, and the suction force will not be weak.
★Old model: The sealing ring is prone to aging because stay in the above materials for a long time, which makes assembly and disassembly difficult.
New model: Conical cavity screw-in design, easy to disassemble and good sealing.
★Regarding the rotating arm, the shaft is extended, and it has contact surface plus flat gasket, it can make the tool tray move more smoothly, no shaking due to movement, the doctor's surgery is smoother.
★The hanger for handpiece is universal, you can hang all the handpiece with hanger instead of putting them on the instrument tray, so that it won’t block dentists to take instrument.

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