MDC-02 Cartoon Image Dental Chair Unit For Children

Short Description:

★Lovely dinosaur, smiling blue cat and mini fish are miraculously turned into dental chair, side box and instrument tray, which is very innovative design. this is called our dental kids cartoon unit.
★A DV player plays cartoon movies which make kids neglect painess so as to fulfill oral operation in relax atmosphere. in the outside of blue cat,not in the belly. That is the apple side box. And its assistant tray is not in the head of dinosaur anymore, beside the apple side box instead.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Dinosaur chair 1pc
Cat body side box 1set
Small apple type cuspidor 1pc
Suction system 1set
Flower operation light 1pc
LCD cartoon player screen 1pc
Fish instrument tray connect by ar 1pc
Three way syringe 1pc
Automatic heating water supply 1set
Saliva ejector 1set
Water suction 1set
Big X-film viewer 1set
Foot control 1pc
Dentist stool 2pc

★This is innovative and diversified but not complicated design and its professional. Color mix gets every dentist's favor and welcome.
★The kinematical structural design is in conformity with ergonomics.
★The therapy unit is made in novel animation model which is in lovely and childish design.
★From the perspective of psychology it is considered that children would feel insecure during therapy, so this apparatus is thus designed to distract them, relieving their fear and tension.
★under the therapy environment, and making the whole diagnosis and treating easy.
★In a world,it will be the best choice for the dental clinic.

MDC-02_01 MDC-02_02  MDC-02_03MDC-02_04 MDC-02_05

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