MSC-4-2 External Water Spray 20:1 Contra Angle Dental Implant Handpiece

Short Description:

External water spray
Standard head
Push button type
Generator inside, self-illuminated
Provides sufficient force at low speed
5Max torque 70Ncm
Ergonomic comfort grip
20:1 gear ratio

Product Detail

Product Tags

Noise 70Ncm
Max torque 70Ncm
Ratio rate 20:1
Material Metal
Rotate speed ≥18.000r/min
Working air 0.30Mpa-0.35Mpa
MSC-4-2_03 - 副本



• Stainless steel, Full of materials, high quality workmanship, acid resistance and corrosion resistance

• Exclusive identity, The body uses laser marking, one machine one code

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