Do you know which X-ray machine has a clearer image?

In recent years, many manufacturers have also launched various types of products after seeing the market prospect of high-frequency portable X-ray machines. At present, there are various specifications of products on the market, and the appearance of the products is varied. Many people become overwhelmed when faced with the numerous brands and products of portable X-ray machines when purchasing. Because they don’t know which product is more suitable for the current dental diagnosis and treatment requirements, and which product can produce high-quality images. In fact, most portable X-ray machines on the market should be able to meet the requirements when imaging anterior teeth, and the quality difference is in molar teeth. The difference can be seen especially when imaging the upper molars. When we choose products, no matter how the shape of the high-frequency portable oral X-ray machine changes, we only need to compare the following three technical parameters:

a) The kilovolt value (KV) determines the penetration of the shot. The larger the kilovolt value (KV), the thicker the tissue thickness that can be photographed. The most common portable X-ray machines on the market are basically 60KV to 70KV.

b) The milliamp value (mA) determines the density (or black and white contrast) of the X-ray image. The higher the current value, the greater the black and white contrast of the X-ray film, and the richer the content of the X-ray film. At present, the current value (mA) of high-frequency portable oral X-ray machines in China is basically between 1mA and 2mA.

c) The exposure time (S) determines the dose of X-rays (that is, the number of controlled electrons). The larger the current number, the higher the KV value, the shorter the corresponding exposure time, and the higher the imaging quality.
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Post time: Mar-25-2022