DIO-XX Portable Digital Dental X-ray Unit China Supply

Short Description:

• The DIO-XX portable dental X-ray machine is only 3.9 lbs (1.8 kg) for optimal handheld use.
• Dental X-ray machine adopts microcomputer and special circuit system. It monitors and precisely adjusts exposure technical parameters (kV, mA and exposure time).
• The DIO-XX dental X-ray machine uses simple up and down arrows. It can adjust the exposure setting to 0.01 seconds (exposure time is 0.01~1.60 seconds).
• The DIO-XX portable dental X-ray machine uses a uniquely designed internal lead shielding system that protects the operator and patient from scattered radiation.
• The portable X-ray machine comes with pre-programmed exposure times for quick and easy operation.

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, FEDEX
  • Shipping Time: 10-15 Days
  • Payment: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Paypal
  • Packing Size: 32*32*26cm
  • Packing Weight: 4.3kg
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Tube Voltage 60KV
    Tube Current 2mA
    Exposure Time 0.01~1.6s
    Tube Focus 0.8mm
    Radiation Leakage <0.025mGy/h
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    X-ray Tube D-081BS(Toshiba Tube)
    Charger Input Voltage AC100V~240V ±10%
    Input Voltage 25.2V DC
    Screen LCD Screen
    Target Angle 20°
    Total Filtration 1.6mmAl
    Battery Lithium polymer battery (DC24V)
    Weight 1.8KG
    Dimensions 15×13.5×17.5cm(L×W×H)

    DIO-_01 DIO-_03 DIO-_04 - 副本 DIO-_05


    DIO-_03 - 副本

    Product Components

    ①Power On/Off switch
    ②Adult and child display
    ③Anatomical teeth icon display
    Incisor, canine and molar teeth of the upper and lower jaw (Maxilla and Mandible)
    ④Exposure time display: From 0.01 sec. up to 1.60sec., 0.01 sec. step time set.
    ⑤Indicates remaining battery charge
    X-ray cannot be generated while charging or displaying battery information
    ⑥Mode and Select button: Use to change and select the exposure mode.
    ⑦Up and down control buttons: time set change (0.01sec. step)

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