XC-25 Wireless Intraoral Camera With 17 Inch LCD Touch Screen Monitor

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6pcs bright LED light, 5.0 pixels HD probe.
★It can be connected Internet or WIFI.
★It can connect multiple computers to do local area network, to achieve data sharing.
★Software: Oral camera, doctor-patient communication, easy dentist, dentist housekeeper, Heart rate monitoring and other software.
★Real-time monitoring of heart rate, can be reduced risk of surgery.
It can install sensor software and connect with sensor.
★It can connect with dental x ray, CT and Panoramic X-ray Machine Software.
It can store 10w+ photos, can establish 10w+ copies of case files.

  • Packing Size: 44.5x44x11cm
  • Packing Weight: 5.5kg
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    Display 17 inch monitor
    Resolution 1280*1024
    Pixel 12 mega pixel sony CCD imported camera
    System Windows 10
    Power 100-240V 12V/3A
    USB 4 USB flash disk interfaces
    Language Chinese/English
    Solid state drives 64G

    Digital Dental Oral Camera is consist of Optical multi-film lens, Digital processing chip, Touch all in one machine, professional capture software with the latest Taiwan advanced electronic technology, could manage the patient, collect image, remark image, print the clinical history, very convenient for the dental doctor and improve the working efficient.

    •Host with high-performance Intel processor, high sensitivity touch panel, high definition, digital capture handle.
    •The best grip feeling and more convenient to operate with streamline appearance and both side could take picture.
    •Software with Graphical operation interface ensure could operate easier.
    •Picture named with system date,look then know the date of capture.
    •Built-in database, so information of each patient could be type-in by separate, fast edit and inquire.
    •Capture picture with the anti-shake technology, could capture clear pic even with lttle shake when take picture.
    •lmage compare: could capture the picture from real-time dynamic, could change and remove pic. Add the function of image compare, could edit the picture by second time.
    •Could export the picture with the print format
    •Could install kinds of software, could take picture in the software.

    MC-25_03 MC-25_05 MC-25_01

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