XL-9 LED Dental Curing Light Unit

Short Description:

•High intensity one second LED curing light, 1s can curing 2mm resin.
•High intensity can be 2300mW/cm2 above.
•360 degree curing rotating.
•Stable light intensity , will not decline with the poor electricity.
•Safe operation and perfect self-protection system.
•It can cure all the dental resin in the market.

  • Packing Size: 27x19x13cm
  • Packing Weight: 0.7kg
  • Product Detail

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    Light source Blue light
    Wave length 430nm-485nm
    Power 5W
    Output intensity 1400mw/cm²
    Power supply Rechargeable Lithium battery 2200mAh
    Adjusted working time 10S\20S\30S\40S
    Input adapter 100V to 240V~50Hz/60Hz (Available for global users)
    Safety kind Ordinary type B.non-continuous service Ip40.Class 2.

    •Composes of high power LED, qualified fiber rod.
    •Noiseless; No libration; Generate little heat when working.
    •Low consumption of standby power with thirty days' standby time.
    •Large capacity Li-battery can be used for a long one with full charging.
    •Plenty of fiber rods with very reasonable price on sale for your replacement.
    •Wireless design without no cable connect to the unit which could be used very conveniently.
    •It adopts the principle of ray radiation to solidify the light-sensitive resin by shooting at it in a short time.
    •Many brands' resin materials can be cured by this led curing-light with optional working modes and lighting times.

    ML-9_01 ML-9_02 - 副本 ML-9_03 ML-9_04 ML-9_05

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