XS-12 Full Touch Screen LED Light Ultrasonic Scaler For Endodontic Cleaning

Short Description:

•Detachable and replaceable LED light handpiece, and it can be changed and conserv later.
•Global original creative patent technology-Auto-scaling function, which will auto-work once touch teeth, non-using foot peda.
•Diaposable touch-screen protector and unique handpiece hanger design which can be disinfected under high temperature and pressure to avoid cross-infection.

  • Packing Size: 32.5x26.5x10.5cm
  • Packing Weight: 2kg
  • Product Detail

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    Power Supply AC 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
    Main Unit Input DC 24V 50Hz/60Hz 1A
    Display LCD touch screen
    Input Water Pressure 0.01-0.5 Mpa
    Frequency 30-33Khz
    Dimension 320*265*115mm

    •Easy to clean scaler's surface and simple to operate.
    •Specialized filtering technology, powerfully scaling and the tips as well as handpiece will not be over heat and occur power reduction after working for long time.
    •Unique cable protective jacket to avoid break.

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    Product Composition

    MS-K3_02 - 副本

    Introduction for scaler panel

    ①-Water flow adjustment knob
    ②-Function indicator
    G: General cleaning; P: Periodontics; E: Low power
    ③-Lighting indicator (L)
    Blue: Handpiece is always lighting.
    Green: Handpiece is lighting only when it is working.
    Dark: Handpiece is not lighting.
    ④-Lip hook connection
    ⑥-Power value indicator
    ⑦-Handpiece holder
    ⑧-Power switch
    ⑨-Foot switch interface
    ⑩-DC power input interface
    ⑪-Water inlet

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