XUC-02 2.5L Stainless Steel Tank Dental Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Short Description:

1. Lengthened tank
Suitable for long dental equipment and tube;
2. Stronger transducer
To get better cleaning effect;
3. 5 Recycle digital timer
Choose different time to clean;
4. Heater
Safety and reliable with temperature(65C) and time (45mins) controller;
5. Circuit protector
Protect the circuit to lengthen unit life;
6. Radiator Fan
To protect every parts in good condition after working a long time;
7. Wet-proof PCB
Good to be used in lab;
8. Three separable wires
Safety and convenient;
9. Industry IC
To be steady in unstable voltage condition;
10. Strong plastic housing
Better water-proof and drop-proof ability than metal.




  • Packing Size: 35x24x26cm
  • Packing Weight: 3.5kg
  • Product Detail

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    Power Supply AC 100~120V, 60Hz; AC 220~240V, 50Hz
    Power 160W(110 V)/170W(220V)
    Ultrasonic Frequency 42,000Hz
    Tank Material Stainless steel SUS304
    Tank Capacity 2500ml
    Timer 5 Cycles, with digital time display
    Quiet Solid states circuitry

    Ultrasonic-cleaner_02 Ultrasonic-cleaner_03 Ultrasonic-cleaner_04



    Dental clinic
    Cleaning dental drill, dental forceps during their sanitizing.


    Cleaning and maintaining high-quality engraved tableware like handle of knives, forks as well as the filter of the coffee machine, incredible cleaning effect can get.


    Cleaning nursing bottles, rubber nipples and baby tools effectively. And better and faster than other mini ultrasonic cleaner.


    Precision machinery repair
    Cleaning pneumatic valve, hydraulic directional control valve, overflow valve, fuel injection nozzle, precision gear driving sets and bearings, the excellent cleaning result can achieve, the deepest dirt and grease inside the tiny lacuna can be cleaned out. After refresh the new lubricating grease, just like giving the new life to these parts.


    Chemical lab
    Cleaning test tube


    Jewelry manufacturer and gem store
    Cleaning in-process and finishing necklaces, finger rings, earrings etc. With machine's 65℃ heating devise, the polishing wax on the surface of the in process articles will be cleaned out.

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