A must-have ultrasonic scaler for a dental office

Ultrasonic scaler is a high-tech product that integrates electronic technology, ultrasonic technology and precision machinery. The product has stable performance, convenient operation, safety and reliability, and is an essential professional equipment for professional dental hospitals.

Why do ultrasonic scalers use warm water?
The ultrasonic scaler cleans the teeth with ultrasonic oscillation while at the same time generating amplitude that stimulates the periodontal nerve and gums to a certain extent, which will cause patients to experience discomfort such as tooth acid, gum bleeding and spasm during the cleaning process. Studies have shown that , Using the effect of warm water, it can protect the gums, has analgesic effect on the tooth nerve, can make patients feel mild and comfortable when cleaning teeth, and reduce the discomfort of patients.

Ultrasonic cleaning refers to the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment to remove tartar, plaque, smoke scale, tea scale, etc. attached to the surface of the teeth, without hurting the gums and enamel. The effect is better and the efficiency is higher. Ultrasonic cleaning can not only remove the plaque, calculus and tea stains on the surface of the teeth and make the teeth white, but also can effectively prevent the occurrence of oral diseases such as bad breath, root bleeding, periodontal disease, and dental caries.

Post time: Jul-13-2022