A new breakthrough in dental X-ray imaging technology!

The new patented technology provides a handheld dental X-ray machine, which belongs to the field of X-ray machines. It solves the problems that the existing X-ray machine has a lot of radiation, low efficiency and inconvenience to carry. The hand-held dental X-ray machine includes a casing, a power supply, a control board and a handpiece. The casing is provided with an operation panel with a display screen. The control board is provided with a frequency conversion device, and the handpiece is provided with an X-ray tube and a high-frequency transformer. The head is also provided with a cylindrical light-shielding cylinder, and also includes a plurality of cylindrical light-shielding covers. The outer wall of one end of the light-shielding cover and the inner wall of the other end are respectively provided with outer and inner flanging. The outer wall of the shading cylinder is provided with a chute near the front end, the inner flanging of the innermost hood is slid in the chute, and the front end of the hood is provided with a number of laser positioning lights distributed along the circumferential direction of the hood.

The positioning light can emit laser rays parallel to the axis of the hood. Portable X-ray machines have become the equipment used in dental clinics and dental medical institutions. It does not have the appearance of a large-scale panoramic camera. The compact device is very suitable for shooting a single tooth. It is easy to operate. If it is connected to a digital sensor, it can achieve digital presentation. After taking the dental film, the image can be displayed on the computer in a few seconds. Images can be transferred.
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Post time: Mar-25-2022