Carryx-II portable dental X-ray machine for dentists

With the rapid development of modern oral medicine, the digital examination of the oral cavity has become more and more popular, and taking dental X-rays has almost become a necessary procedure for oral examination. It is very important to choose a dental X-ray machine with high imaging quality, fast exposure speed, and safety at the same time. Over the years, Xrdent has been committed to the research of oral digital imaging, and successively launched Carryx series products (Carry I, Carryx II).
(1) Carryx II unique high frequency technology (70kV, 2mA). The tube voltage and tube current output are stable. The exposure produces almost no soft rays and is protected by lead sheets, so there is little harm to the human body.
(2) The intelligent design makes the doctor’s diagnosis more efficient. The Carryx II portable dental X-ray machine provides the recommended exposure time according to different tooth positions, and can be customized according to the dentist’s diagnostic experience. These digital innovations have become the key to improving the efficiency of doctors.
(3) Carryx II portable dental x ray machine can be used with major brands of sensors, phosphor films (dental scanner), and films.

1. A real high-frequency portable dental X-ray machine, compared with ordinary portable dental X-ray machines, the operator and the patient receive less radiation dose, and the image effect is better.
2. The circuit components imported from South Korea adopt high-frequency closed-loop control. When the battery power is insufficient, the image effect will not be affected.
3. Using the original imported micro-focus tube from Canon in Japan, the focus is 0.4mm, the anode angle is 12.5°, and the image is clearer.
4. The exposure time is short, only about 0.4s, which is 5-8 times shorter than the ordinary portable X-ray machine, and the radiation dose is less. In addition, it can reduce the influence of external factors such as hand shake, and the shooting effect is better.
5. Small size, light weight, small footprint and easy operation.
6. Digital display, easy to operate.
7. The battery can be fully charged for 150 shots.

Post time: Jul-12-2022