XAM-I Electric Touch Screen Anesthetic Booster

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*XAM-1 anesthesia instrument can inject anesthetics at different speeds at a uniform speed.
*XAM-1 anesthesia machine has powerful thrust.
*The electric anesthesia machine uses touch control technology and uses a color LED screen to display progress.
*It can be paused at any time and resumed at any time.

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  • Packing Size: 22x10x7cm
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    Intelligent anesthesia booster

    1. The latest XAM-1 anesthesia instrument can inject anesthetic evenly, and it can switch different injection speeds.

    2. The maximum thrust of XAM-1 anesthesia machine is 8kg. It can help the doctor to complete the injection very easily.

    3. The battery capacity of XAM-1 anesthesia instrument is 300mAh. It can be used continuously for 40-50 times on a single charge.

    4. When there is no operation, the anesthesia instrument will automatically shut down. When it is turned on again, the internal pusher will remain in the state before it was closed, and the doctor can continue to inject at any time during the operation.

    5. The XAM-1 anesthesia instrument uses a touch screen. Even if the doctor wears medical gloves, it will not affect the use.

    6. The screen displays the injection pressure value and the remaining drug volume during injection

    7. XAM-1 anesthesia instrument has three modes:
    Low speed: It takes about 2 and a half minutes to inject 1.8ml of anesthetic.
    High speed: It takes about 1 minute to inject 1.8ml of anesthetic.
    Periodontal ligament mode: It takes about 4 minutes to inject 1.8ml of anesthetic.


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