2023 The Newest Anesthesia Booster For Medical Field

In modern medicine, anesthesia is essential for surgery or other painful procedures. However, traditional anesthesia syringes require doctors to apply constant pressure to inject anesthetics, which often leads to problems such as hand fatigue and inaccurate injections. Now, with the XAM-1 Electric Touch Screen Anesthesia Machine Booster, those problems have all been solved. This article will introduce the features and advantages of the XAM-1 electric touch screen anesthesia booster.

As a brand-new anesthesia syringe device, XAM-1 anesthesia instrument booster has many outstanding features. First, it can inject anesthetic evenly and switch between different injection speeds. This means doctors can more easily control the rate of injection when needed, improving injection accuracy and safety. In addition, the XAM-1 anesthesia instrument booster has a maximum thrust of 8kg, which means it can easily help doctors complete the injection process and reduce hand fatigue.

Secondly, the XAM-1 anesthesia booster has a battery capacity of 300mAh, which can be used continuously for 40-50 times. This means that doctors can safely use the anesthesia syringe during important operations without worrying about power consumption or other erroneous factors interfering with the operation. In addition, the anesthesia machine will automatically shut down when there is no operation. When it is turned on again, the internal pusher will remain in the state before it was closed, and the doctor can continue to inject at any time during the operation.

Third, the XAM-1 anesthesia booster uses a touch screen, which provides doctors with a more convenient and intuitive experience. Even if the doctor wears medical gloves, it will not affect the use, making it easier to use the device in surgery. When injecting, the screen will display the injection pressure value and the remaining amount of medicine, which allows doctors to better grasp the use of anesthesia.

Finally, the XAM-1 Anesthesia Apparatus Booster has three injection modes: low speed mode, high speed mode and periodontal mode. These modes can be used for different surgical and anesthesia procedures and can make injections more accurate and safer. It can be seen from this that the XAM-1 anesthesia instrument booster can effectively improve the accuracy and efficiency of injection, and it is a very worthwhile anesthesia syringe.

In the medical field, anesthesia is a very important treatment modality. However, traditional anesthesia syringes often cause doctors to suffer from hand fatigue and inaccurate injections. The emergence of the XAM-1 anesthesia booster provides a new solution for doctors to inject anesthesia and improve surgical safety.

Post time: May-17-2023