XAU-JY 16L Mini Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

Short Description:

This sterilizer can be used for dental clinic, laboratory, surgical room, emergency room, ophthalmology, gynecology and steam, cosmetic hospital and so on, by dentists and professionals.

  • Packing Size: 66x55x50cm
  • Packing Weight: 31kg
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    Basic Specification
    Rated voltage AC 110V/50~60Hz/8A, AC 220V/50~60Hz/4A
    Rated power 1400VA (8A); 1200VA (4A)
    Fuse F12AL AC220V/F25AL AC110V
    Operation temperature 5~40ºC
    The board affording weight 4000N/m²
    Noise <50db
    The maximum capacity of a plate 1000g
    The maximum duration of using loading test 90mins
    The maximum thermal radiation energy under the condition of 20ºC~26ºC <2000J
    Sterilizer Chamber
    Material stainless steel 304
    Max. work pressure 2.5 bar
    Min. work pressure -0.9 bar
    Max. temperature 145ºC
    Chamber volume 16L(Φ230×350mm)
    Loading size 180×180×280cm
    Working pressure/temperature 1.10~1.30bar/121ºC~122ºC; 2.10~2.30bar/134ºC~135ºC
    Water volume for one cycle 0.3L~0.4L



    1-Power Switch
    Tum on and off power

    2-Door Handle
    Push to close the door

    3-Alarm Lamp
    Tum Red to report error

    4-Working Lamp
    Green lamp on during cycle

    5-Pressure Gauge
    Show chamber pressure

    6-Exhausting Valve
    Control valve to exhaust Chamber air

    7-Yellow Lamp
    Yellow lamp on under 134℃, turns off under 121℃

    8-Temperature Selector
    Select sterilization under 121°C/120mins or 134°C/5mins


    Autoclave--_03 - 副本


    Tray rack   1 pcs
    Tray   3 pcs
    Removal tong   1 pcs
    Draining tube   1 pcs
    Power supply cable   1 pcs
    Door gasket   1 pcs
    Operation manual   1 pcs


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