XS-VI High Efficiency Ultrasonic Scaler with Detachable Handpiece

Short Description:

•Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and more steadily.
•The handpiece is detachable and autoclaved under the high temperature of 135°C and the pressure of 0.22Mpa.
•The scaling tips includes: 1 piece of G1#, 1 piece of G2#, 1 piece of G3#, 1 piece of G4#, 1 piece of P1#, 1 piece of E1#.

  • Packing Size: 33x28.5x10cm
  • Packing Weight: 1.5kg
  • Product Detail

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    Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.1A(Max)
    Main unit power supply 30VDC 1.5A
    Output power 3W-75W
    Main unit fuse 2.0A/250V
    Input water pressure 0.1bar-5bar(0.01Mpa-0.5MPa)
    Output primary tip vibration excursion ≤100um
    Output tip vibration frequency 24KHz-32KHz
    Output half-excursion force ≥0.5N
    Atmospheric pressure 860-1060 hpat

    MS-VI_01 - 副本

    MS-VI_04 - 副本

    MS-VI_03 - 副本MS-VI_06 - 副本

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