XS-VII Dental Scaling Perio Ultrasonic Scaler with Detachable Handpiece

Short Description:

•Automatic frequency tracking system Precise setting of 10 power levels.
•Double choice of liquid supply.
•Scaling, Periodontic,Endodontic function meets various treatment demands.
•Automatic cleaning program.
•Maximum volume of 500 ml water tank, special treatment with medicine now is applicable.
•Detachable hand piece with Led light. 135°C autoclavable.
•Regular model without LED handpiece still available.
•8 tips attached: Gl-S, G4-S, G5-S, G6-S, P1-S, P3-S, P4-S, E1-S.

  • Packing Szie: 40x35x11cm
  • Packing Weight: 2.5kg
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.1A(Max)
    Main unit power supply 30VDC 1.5A
    Output power 75W(MAX)
    Water pressure 0.01MPa-0.5MPa
    Tip vibration frequency 24KHz-32KHz
    Output half offset force ≥0.5N

    MS-VII_03 - 副本 - 副本 MS-VII_04 MS-VII_06 - 副本

    Product Composition

    MS-VII_03 - 副本

    Front side

    1. Power indicator
    2. Endo treatment function
    3. Perio treatment function
    4. Scaling treatment function
    5. Water bottle mode bottle
    6. Water supply mode button
    7. Water bottle option button
    8. Function switch button
    9. Power decrease button
    10. Power increase button


    Back size

    12. Water entrance
    13. Power button
    14. Power supply socket
    15. Foot switch socket

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